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Scrap Car Removal TIPS

Scrap car towing has never been easier with Paul Scrap. Paul is a former mechanic when he started towing cars for his customers at his service garage. Paul now dedicates his time providing FREE towing service for junk cars that he brings to the recycling plants.

Today, there are more uses for all scrap car metal instead of being part of the land fill. Scrap cars are towed from accident sites right to the scrapyard. Call Paul from the coffee shop, at the plaza, anywhere! Cars, light trucks and any type of vehicle that is taking up space outside your residance.

Vehicle that is not being used or waiting for repairs can sit in the garage or at the driveway for months and even years! Eventually, you will need to remove the cars. Paul tows your retires vehicle to his scrap yard. Remember:

1. Parking costs in condos or appartments.
2. Parking tickets may build up if improperly parked.
3. A scrap car in your driveway looks bad & you feel bad.
4. Getting a new car and getting rid of the old one.
5. Car repairs are starting to stack up.
6. Space is being used/wasted by your vehicle
7. Some older cars have very high gas usage
8. Safer new cars wre better for everyone

Get rid of that vehicle along with all the problems it has created for you.

Did you know?

We look after everything for you. We take off your car plates and make sure you have them.(not all scrap dealers provide this service). A flat tire or two? We take care of it for you. You dont have to do anything. Underground parking? We have a lot of experience here. We are the experts. We can get your car out. Some towers will leave. We have never left a job in 32 years. We have been called after another tower was not able to get the vehicle out.

When we arrive, we will need the ownership for the car and the keys. Can't find the ownership? We will drive you to the drivers depot for a replacement, if your stuck for transportation. We will provide an official company receipt as a proof of us taking responsibility on the car. As simple as that. Can't find the keys--don't worry. That's happened before. We will take care of it.

Ontario bylaws will not let you keep a car in your driveway without current plates With the cost of owning and running cars always increasing, you may need to scrap your car. Call someone that is reliable. When you need our services either call Paul at 416-822-3253 or send us an email: Paulscrap@rogers.com.

We are always online and will respond to your call/email immediately. Paul's Scrap has been a Scrap Car Towing Service since1989. A professional that cares about the environment.

Paul Scrap Car Towing

"Best Cash" for your car,
van or light truck!

1. Call 416-822-3253 or email: paulscrap@rogers.com
2 Schedule a Time for Paul to pick up your vehicle
3 Paul will arrive at the scheduled time
4 Your car will be properly hooked up with care and no damage to your property
5. Towed vehicle goes directly to the scrap yard and disposed of in an environmentally safe process.

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Three easy steps
to remove your car:

1: Call us for the best quote

2: We will arrange FREE
                                   Towing Removal.
3: Vehicle safely removed.
                                  ( Best $$ CASH offered)