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PAUL'S ADVICE:Sometimes, your car may need minor repairs. As a licensed mechanic, I am able to give good, sound advice about your vehicle. Save your car to drive many more days. I am pleased to answer any questions you may have. Call me at 416-822-3253, Car Care advise from Paul Scrap Car Removal. Safe scrap car removal in Mississauga, without any damage to your property.


PAULS SCRAP CAR TIP: If you have misplaced your car ownership papers, go to your nearest Motor Vehicle License renewal location. You are required to have 1) the VIN number of your vehicle and 2) your driver's license. Replacement fee is still $10.00
WHERE ARE YOU? Got a junk car sitting in your driveway in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, North York or nearby? Paul Scrap Car Removal can be there almost immediately within the hour. Still paying insurance on a car that won't go? Would you like to see your junk car just disappear, with no hassle and no expense to you? Paul will pay you cash for your scrap car instantly.
WHO IS PAUL? Paul is a licensed scrap car dealer and owns his own scrapyard in Mississauga. A licensed mechanic and a local businessman in your community celebrating 30 years. Paul received his electrician's license working overseas. Weekends are usually spent fishing with his friends at a lake and summer BBQ's.
WHEN IS IT TIME TO SCRAP YOUR CAR? When the repair and maintenance cost of your car exceeds the value of the car or what you are willing to pay. Your car may not be a totally damaged car that cannot be used for anything other than scrap metal. Cars with lots of rust that have been damaged by rain or cars that are inoperable are appropriate to be sold to a car salvage wreckers like Paul Scrap Car Removal.
TO REPAIR OR NOT TO REPAIR...that is the question? Sometimes, we try to repair our ailing car. There is a chance that you may incur heavy costs of repair if you try to repair your salvageable car to sell it. You should understand that the only time a car is called "salvageable" is when it is not worth repairing. Today, where financial resources are draining out, even thinking of repairing such a car is not a good idea. The best bet is to opt for a car salvage company that would stop this potential drain of resources. Even though you have good memories with your car, you need to know when you need to stop pouring money into your car repairs. Therefore, it is better to get it picked up by a reputable salvage scrap dealer like Paul, who is fully insured and you will get cash for your car.

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THANK YOU for your patronage! Celebrating 30 years in SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Service    . . . Thank you . . .from Paul
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Metal Prices!
Shredded scrap metal has gone up for April 2018. If you are planning on scrapping your car, this is a good time to do it. You will always get a fair price for your scrap vehicle removal at Paul's Scrap Car Removal. Licensed, reliable service.♡

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At Paul's Scrap Car Removal we make sure every junk car is removed and recycled properly. Recycling Cars by Following Canadian Recycling Guidelines
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1. We're fully licensed & insured.
2. We pay cash on the spot.
3. We offer FREE towing.
4. We can remove most vehicles within 24 hrs.
5. We offer appointment times at YOUR     convenience.
6. We can remove any vehicle, anywhere.     (Underground parking garages, mucky     fields,seized wheels, missing wheels, partial     vehicles etc.)
7. All service trucks come equipped with spill              kits for hazardous fluids/oils if needed.
8. All service trucks are mechanically safe.
    We use safety chains for all tows.

*April 2018*
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